About me – Heather Halton



  • BSc Hons
  • Registered General Nursing Certificate ( RGN)
  • Post Graduate Dip. SW
  • C&G teaching Certificate
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Canine Myotherapy (Galen)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy
  • Member of I.A.A.T and A.S.S.V.A.P.
  • Jikiden Reiki, Shoden Okuden

Ponies and horses and dogs

were central to my life in my younger years and my last horse was a wonderful ex-racer (Nova ) he was an absolute joy. I had him until my mid twenties when life took me down a career path that meant my love of horses had to take a back seat. They say that when one door closes another opens and that was very true for me and I developed my love of dogs in to a passion for dog training and competitions. I have worked my dogs for over 25 years now.

Over the years, I have competed with my dogs (Border Collies, Labradors and a Wirehaired Vizsla) in many different disciplines so have a wide breath of knowledge of Canine sporting activities and the physical demands and training demands of these sports.

Working Trials

I have competed in working trial with my dogs for over 25 years.
I have Worked my dogs up to Tracking Dog Excellent (Ticket) which is the top level in Working trials. With each of my dog’s there were different training challenges and each of my dogs has taught me something new.

Winning the reserve ticket at our local favourite working trial the Lauder Championship and then gaining a third there again the following year with Shadow (Lab) was such a wonderful experience and a very happy memory.

We were also lucky enough to win the Scottish Kennel Club working trials dog of the year for several years with litter brother and sister (Shadow and DD) this was an invitation only competition for the top working trials dogs in Scotland.

Dog Agility

My first Border collie (Ben) was as fast as lightening and we enjoyed agility. At times, it was like controlling a run-away train but we still had great fun. My partner’s dog won at senior level agility, he had the brakes to get the fine control.

I still use agility training to introduce jumping and balance training challenges to my young working trials dogs.


Herman my Wirehaired Vizsla introduced me to competitive obedience. He won through pre -beginners and then beginners.


I have worked my Labradors and my Wirehaired Vizsla in working tests.

Hunt Point and Retrieve

Herman and I competed in H.P.R. working tests, natural aptitude tests and we also trained for grouse pointing, enjoying every minute.

Dog showing

I have shown my Wirehaired Vizsla and qualified for Crufts.