Canine and Equines

Canine physiotherapy and Myotherapy

A well-designed and implemented Physiotherapy/Myotherapy treatment programme has the potential for many benefits

  • A Reduction in pain
  • Reduction in Stress
  • Accelerate recovery and wound repair
  • Reduce boredom during the recovery period
  • It can Provide support and reassurance to owners during recovery and rehabilitation period
  • It can Prevent of future re-injuries
  • The Prevention of permanent disability
  • A Physiotherapist can offer ongoing long -term support in partnership with the clients Veterinary Surgeon to the dog and the owner where there are long-term mobility difficulties.

Working with owners and vets to improve and maintain the best possible quality of life for the dog in the short and the long term.

Canine Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy can be immensely beneficial to canines with many different physical issues and I am happy to discuss with owners and Veterinary surgeons how this therapy may help their dog.

It is my recommendation that owners use a Qualified, Experienced and Registered Hydro therapist in a structured way to optimise its benefits.

Equine Physiotherapy and Myotherapy

pony pics 008Physiotherapy and Myotherapy for Horses enhances

  • Suppleness
  • Ease of movement
  • Encourages Muscular balance and optimal function
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves performance

Most importantly, it can provide relief from muscular pain and discomfort.


Treating the subtle, minor muscular and soft tissue issues (which can be very painful for your horse) can prevent the development of an altered less efficient gait pattern and can prevent the development of more serious problems and injuries.
010 - CopySome of the Equine conditions which may benefit from Physiotherapy and Myotherapy

  • Muscle spasm and tears
  • Myofascial adhesions
  • Muscular imbalances
  • Muscular back pain
  • Tendon and Ligament injuries
  • Old scar tissue problems
  • Wound repair
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Soft tissue trauma/injuries